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At C&H Asphalt we offer a tremendous amount of services to the people of Colorado Springs. We don’t like to pin ourselves down into one little niche of home improvement contracting. Our company takes great pride in being the best in all of the services we have to offer. From excavation to repairing your sewer lines, you can place great trust in our company. After all, that’s the reputation we’ve worked so hard to create. It’s not just what we do, it’s what we believe in.

If you need to even out your property because it’s just not practical for lawn care, call us. If you’re concerned that your sewer line is backed up, call us. If you need a hole dug for the foundation of your new home, call us. Maybe you need an old barn torn down or a garage that’s attached to your home, we handle that too. Heck, we can even take care of those nightmarish water line issues that have turned your household upside down.

The point is, we’re experts in many different areas and we take great pride in the work we’ve done to master everything we do. It’s our belief that you won’t find a better company in Colorado Springs that offers these services.

We’ll be with you the whole process and walk you through exactly what needs to be done on your property to get the job done. And we’ll do our best to keep everything stress-free.

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Excavation Colorado Springs

We offer excavation services from Colorado Springs, all the way to Denver. We understand the responsibility of being one of the excavating companies Colorado Springs has to offer. There isn’t a job that’s too big or too small for our company. We’ve helped excavate inground pools and we’ve even excavated large plots of land for commercial projects. Colorado excavating projects can often include leveling out land. One of the most common jobs we do is fixing a slope or hill on a homeowners property. Foundations are another one that is very common and we don’t take it lightly. Foundations are critical to the security of your home and the safety of you and your family. Whether it’s digging up soil alongside your home for a foundation repair or excavating a fresh plot of land for a new foundation, we’re one of the excavating companies in Colorado that you should call. The next one we should talk about is drainage. It’s the one that gets overlooked because it isn’t needed too often but it’s very serious. The last thing you want is water to pool up on your property after a heavy rain or natural weather event. We enjoy working alongside homeowners to figure out the best possible drainage solution for their land. We’ll also do our best to avoid doing drainage work where structures are already present on your land. C&H Asphalt has the utmost confidence that we offer the best excavation Colorado Springs services in the area. If you’ve got questions or want to schedule a time for us to come out please give us a call.

Demolition Colorado Springs

C&H Asphalt is proud to be the premier Colorado Springs demolition company. If this is your first experience with a demolition project, we know it sounds scary but we promise it really isn’t. Especially when you work with a company that’s as reputable in the matter as we are. We’ve earned the reputation as the best demolition contractors Colorado Springs for a reason. That reason is because we care. We care about easing the minds of our customers by educating them throughout the entire process. From the moment we arrive at your property to check out the job, to the planning and all the way through the clean-up. You’ll always be kept in the loop because we know how stressful of a process this can be and our goal is to remove as much stress as possible. Another reason we have a great reputation is because of our dedication to safety. We’re not sitting here and bragging about how much we care about our own personal safety, what we’re saying is we want you and your household to remain safe during the process. That means that we are extra careful about hazardous situations that can arise. Such as the discovery of asbestos or lead which we will dispose of properly. Also, if the structure being removed is close to another (such as a detached garage) we’ll be precise during demolition.

At C&H Asphalt we offer both residential and commercial demolition. Most people assume the processes for both are similar but it’s quite the opposite. If you’re demolishing something as a homeowner we’ll be in direct contact throughout the process. However, most commercial demolitions are overseen by a general contractor. Regardless of the project, you can have great trust in our excavation Colorado Springs services.

Water Line Repair Colorado Springs

It’s no secret that water line problems are a big deal. Can you imagine being able to take a shower one day and the next not? How about not being able to cook a meal or flush a toilet? These things are a commodity and we take them for granted. Water lines are usually very durable so it’s unlikely that you’ll need a repair. However, when these issues to rear their ugly heads, it’s extremely important that you contact a professional. You don’t want an amateur handyman working on your main water line and turning a simple fix into a costly one.

If you believe you’re having problems with your water line it’s important to remain calm and collected. Everyone wants to jump to conclusions and think they need to replace their entire water line when in most cases it’s much easier than that. Some of these problems are simple fixes but that doesn’t mean you should attempt them yourself or bring someone in that isn’t licensed for that matter. These can become very serious issues.

So what can cause a water main break Colorado Springs? Let’s take a look:

  • Water freezing up in your pipes
  • Improper Installation
  • Water line is old and it's just time for a new one
  • Pipes have broken down due to corrosion
  • Mineral Deposits
  • Gunk getting built up
  • Foundation settling or soil shifting

There are a handful of signs you may notice when a water line issue is present. Some of them we often overlook as simple household problems. It’s not to say that these signs automatically mean you need a water line repair Colorado Springs but they can still be signs of one down the line. These can come in the form of noisy pipes, a drop in water pressure, leaking pipes or even frozen pipes.

Water lines are not one of those household annoyances that you want to mess around with. If you’re noticing any of these signs in your home be sure to give us a call immediately so we can come out and asses the situation professionally. Even if it’s nothing we would much rather you be safe than sorry.

Sewer Line Repair

Sewer lines are one of those things that you just don’t see. It’s impossible for you to know the state of your sewer line because you just can’t see it. You might glance at your driveway a few times a week and think you can still get a few more years out of it. Maybe you know you’ve still got another ten years before you have to replace that roof. As homeowners we can keep tabs on those things easily and plan for when they need to be replaced. Heck if you see shingles coming off your roof it’s easy to know you need a roof repair. I mean think about it for a second, how are you suppose to know if your sewer line is going bad? Most times people don’t realize it until they’ve got a crappy situation on their hands in the form of backed up waste in their main drain. Then your whole life comes to a halt because you need a sewer line repair. In a situation like this, as hard as it is you have to try not to panic. Get in touch with our Colorado sewer service so we can come check it out. Even if it isn’t that serious and you just have an inkling that something is going on, it’s better to be safe than sorry in the end.

Of course there are a few ways that you can see this issue coming before it really gets bad. Just because the drain in your sink or bathtub clog up doesn’t necessarily mean it’s related to the sewer line. Those things happen all the time and most times they aren’t an issue at all. The real concern should come when multiple drains in the home start clogging at the same time.

If you call us to come out and assess the situation, the first thing we’ll do is make sure the individual drains in the home aren’t blocked. If they are, that’s great and it’s a true win for you as a homeowner. If we conclude that the issue goes beyond that then we’ll do what we call a sewer scope. A sewer scope Colorado Springs is the process that we use to determine what’s going on in the sewer line. It allows us to see if it’s a busted pipe or if there’s a bad clog in there.

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Carmen Azzopardi
Carmen Azzopardi
6 months ago
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Lewis, Marcus and Steve are fabulous. On time on budget and very professional. They also do great concrete work.
Carl Huitt
Carl Huitt
11 months ago
Read More
Lewis Cox is possibly the nicest, friendliest person in Colorado. I kid you not. It's a joy doing business with him. If you have asphalt or concrete issues, he and his crew are simply the best in the Springs!!!
Todd Matia
Todd Matia
a year ago
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Great service, great work and great price! Would go with these guys any day for a personal touch and quality asphalt and concrete work!!
Helen Walklett
Helen Walklett
a year ago
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The guys did an amazing job redoing the front of our house. Super easy to work with, very professional, great price and tidy workmanship. We're happy and wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Call Marcus to get things started!!
Jon Inman
Jon Inman
2 years ago
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These are the best Asphalt Contractors in Colorado Springs. They redid the asphalt at my office and it looks great. Marcus is very personable and easy to work with. He's great about educating his customers and only giving them what they need. I will use them for all my asphalt repair jobs in the future.