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Water Line Repair Colorado Springs

Water lines are a bit of a mysterious beast. Even the most common handyman likely doesn’t consider themselves an expert in the matter. They can be very tricky and they’re essential to the smooth operation of your household for obvious reasons. Lucky for you, you came to the right place. C&H Asphalt has a ton of experience handling water line issues as well as water main break Colorado Springs.

The presence of running water in your home is one of the most overlooked commodities we have and without it our households avert to chaos. Everything in your life would change from showering before you leave the house to cooking. These menial tasks would be impossible without water lines that run properly. Generally, main water lines are extremely sturdy and tough. Therefore, it’s rare that you’ll need a water line repair. But it cannot be ruled out if symptoms start to arise. The fact that these issues are so rare is why most people don’t know anything about a water service line repair.

Just because you’re having issues with your water line doesn’t mean you’ll need to replace the whole thing. There are a handful of issues that are simple repairs. We aren’t saying that water lines should be repaired by you or someone else that doesn’t have the experience necessary to tackle such an important job. One tiny amateur mistake and your household could be thrown into upheaval.

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Water Line Repair Colorado Springs

Signs of a water line being damaged can be overlooked very easily so we want to take the time to share some of these with you since you’re likely here to figure out what’s going on with your pipes. Before we do any of that though, let’s go over a handful of things that could cause water line issues:

  • Frozen liquid inside the pipes
  • Install wasn't done properly
  • Lines are old and have undergone a lot of wear
  • Corrosion
  • Immense mineral deposits in the line
  • Gunk build-up
  • The surface has shifted and caused lines to move
What we do

Signs that your water line is malfunctioning

It’s possible that you’ve had signs presenting themselves and you just haven’t noticed until now. A lot of the following are common in households but are often overlooked because of just how common they are. This doesn’t mean that you’ve had issues for years and it also doesn’t mean that your water lines need to be repaired. All we’re saying is if you have one or more of these issues present in your home then it might be time to give us a call so we can check out the situation. Let’s take a look:

  • Noise coming from the pipes

This is one of those signs that shouldn’t be overly alarming. It doesn’t necessarily mean your pipes are about to burst but it is something that should be checked out because if it goes on for too long it could lead you to much larger issues. It could just mean that too much air is getting into the line and it’s creating vibrations which you hear. To fix it we would simply turn off the water in your home, drain the water line and refill it to push out any air that’s trapped inside.

  • Your water pressure has dropped

There are a lot of possible culprits for low water pressure. It could be something as simple as a clogged pipe or could go as far as a leaky pipe. Mineral deposits are another common thing that causes lower water pressure. A more unlikely reason is the water supply coming from your municipal which is obviously an issue that doesn’t occur on your end. Since there’s a myriad of things that could cause low water pressure, the first step to our solution would be locating where the problem is. We’ll either need to repair the line or replace a portion of it depending on what’s going on. If you’ve got low water pressure please call us so we can check out the problem as soon as possible. This isn’t something to leave to a novice.

  • Leaking water line

Leaks are obviously one of the more common reasons for water line repair Colorado Springs. There are several reasons this could become a problem such as pipes coming loose at a joint. If you find water spots or know that a line is leaking it needs to be repaired or replaced by a professional immediately before the situation gets worse.

  • Water freezes inside the pipes

Frozen pipes are a common occurrence in Colorado Springs and all throughout Colorado. Freezing, harsh winter weather can have a tremendous effect on water lines in our area. This can present itself to households that vacation when the temperature drops and the water isn’t being run in the home for an extended period of time. It’s important to keep your house warm while you’re away to avoid this. Frozen pipes can either be a very simple fix or a grueling fix. If the pipes burst then we’ll have to replace the lines that have been affected. If not, we can simply wrap the affected pipe in heat tape and the problem will usually subside within a twenty-four hour period.

  • Your pipes have burst

This is the absolute worst case scenario and it would be considered a water main break Colorado Springs. If this happens you likely aren’t even reading this. You want to call a professional as soon as possible to come assess and repair the situation.

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Water Line repair cost

This is the absolute worst case scenario and it would be considered a water main break Colorado Springs. If this happens you likely aren’t even reading this. You want to call a professional as soon as possible to come assess and repair the situation.

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